“The Journey METHOD” is cutting-edge healing and transformation work, recognised world- wide as a unique tool for HEALING, awakening and liberating the infinite human potential.

The work was pioneered in 1992 by Brandon Bays based on the process she used to heal herself from a uterine tumour the size of a basketball in just 6½ weeks.

The Journey

How does it work?

Cellular biologists have found that when emotions are suppressed, biochemistry which blocks certain cell receptors is released into the blood stream. These cells are then isolated and cannot communicate with any other cells. If this persists, over time disease may occur.

During a Journey, the suppressed emotions and related cell memories are accessed. The emotions are released and memories resolved. This unblocks the cell receptors allowing healing to take place.

For a more detailed and scientific explanation and the answers to FAQs, visit www.thejourney.com.

What Happens In A Journey Session?

First of all I will ask you about your concerns, and what you would like to achieve. Then sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, I will guide you to uncover suppressed emotions and memories. Once these have been identified the healing can begin…

Can the Journey help me?

In most cases the answer is “YES”!

Below are just some of the issues and conditions that Journey work can address:

As well as helping you to address your core issues, other benefits to Journey work are:

See Testimonials for feedback from some of my clients.

Who Is It For?

The Journey is for anyone who wants to feel better, to experience fulfillment in their life or access their infinite potential. Journey work is offered in 44 countries around the world in a myriad of different ways; from classrooms in South Africa, to the Canadian judicial system, to work with indigenous communities, in hospices, in A & E and the list goes on.

Children from age 5, teenagers & adults of any age, background, ethnicity or religion can all benefit from Journey work.

The Journey’s main website has hundreds of testimonials and loads more information, including details of projects run in underprivileged areas by our charity Journey Outreach.

How do I book?

If you would like to find out more, or book an appointment with me just contact me by email or phone.


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